Feast or Famine

Monday 18 February 2013 | 5:12 pm | Robert Otto

What is meal time like in your house? Is it a feast of is there a famine?

Can you imagine if your family members ate only one meal a week? They would die in a short amount of time.

The same concept applies to their spiritual health.

If we think that church for one hour a week  will feed our clan, then we are mistaken.

The prophet Amos talks about what we are experiencing in our country today.

“The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine throughout the land – not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of the hearing of the words of the LORD. Men will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.”

Dad, in your house is there a feast going on or is this a season of famine of the hearing of the words of the LORD?

It’s time your family had a meal. Open your Bible and read it with your family today. (By the way, they won’t ever know if you mispronounce one of those Old Testament names! Just keep a straight face and keep going!)

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