Raising Sons to be Men

Monday 25 February 2013 | 11:56 pm | Robert Otto

Have you ever thought that your son will be your grandchildren’s dad? You may not feel that old yet, but that day will come!

What will your son need to know in order to lead his children the Christ?

There are a few obvious answers to that question. First, he will need to know Christ himself. Second, he will need to know his Bible well. But there are three other concepts that are equally as important.

He will need to understand that it is his responsibility to teach his children about the Lord. He will learn this by your example, but of equal importance, he will learn it¬†through an ongoing dialogue with you. Cultivate that dialogue. Touch this topic monthly. Put it on your “dad list,” or it won’t get done.

Your son must also know how to take the knowledge he has and teach it to others. The ability to pass knowledge along is not something that we are born with. One way to teach your son how to do this is to have him lead your family time in the Word. Coach him through it and set him up for success.

Finally, your son will need to understand that part of his job is to teach the next generation to teach the next generation to teach the next generation… You get the idea. Does your son? My son Charles (17)¬†and I talk while we run. Last night about the 8 mile mark we were chewing on this subject.

Do something today to help your son succeed as a dad. Remember, it’s not a one-time conversation. You don’t have to cover everything at once, but you do need to start. Rise Up and go for it! While you are at it. Praise him for a quality you see in his life that will serve him well when he is a dad. He’ll come back next time listening with great interest. Your praise means a great deal to him.

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