The Greatest Need

Tuesday 19 February 2013 | 4:11 pm | Robert Otto

Do you know the greatest need your son or daughter has?

If you did, would you make meeting that need your priority?

I remember introducing each of my children to my father. I looked forward to that moment with great anticipation. Each time there was a look of joy and great approval on his face.

Dad – have you introduced your children to your Father? He delights in that, and it becomes the beginning of a  very special relationship.

My son’s relationship with my father is much different than it was 16 years ago when they first met. He is no longer an infant. They talk about deep matters. They write letters and emails back and forth. They look forward to their time together. My son is a better man because of it. Their relationship has grown richer and deeper because I deliberately cultivate it.

Dad – in the same way, we need to deliberately cultivate our sons’ and daughters’ relationships with their heavenly Father.

This is not the youth pastor’s job. It is ours. That conviction is firmly grounded on Scripture. We need to Rise Up to that responsibility.

If you haven’t already begun the habit… start today talking about your Father with your children… and talk about your children with your Father.

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