William Wilberforce – A Hero

Wednesday 20 February 2013 | 10:02 am | Robert Otto

The following was written by William Wilberforce (depicted in the movie Amazing Grace) in 1797. It describes many homes in 2011 as well.

“Yet, is it not undeniable that with the Bible in our houses, we are ignorant of its contents; and that hence, in a great measure, it arises, that the bulk of the Christian world know so little, and mistake so greatly, in what regards the religion which they profess.” A Practical View of Christianity, p. 7.

How sad…

Is he right? Think of the Christian families you know. Does each member of the family truly know God’s Word?

What do you think fathers can do to change this?

What will you do as a father?

Will you begin a new habit today?

Will you open God’s Word and read it at the dinner table with your family?

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