“This book by a well-trained U.S. Army Ranger can help train you for the most demandingand most rewarding mission of your life. It’s a job far too many Christian men neglect, to the peril of their family…for generations to come! In Rise Up! For Men Who Want to Lead Boldly, Robert points you to Christ and to the work He is ready to do in your family, a work that calls you up to lead. You can do it! What you will find on the pages of this book will both encourage and challenge you. At times, you’ll have to set the book down and think about it a while. Chew on it. Mull it over. Pray for God’s hand on your life and leadership. He never gives stones when His kids ask for bread. He will hear you!” Stu Weber – dad, grandpa, pastor and author

“Every father needs to read this book! I wish I’d read it twenty years ago. If you are serious about training up your children spiritually to stand firm in a world that is morally adrift, Robert Otto’s Rise Up! is a must read! This is a battle cry straight from the heart of a warrior fighting for the hearts and eternal legacy of his children. From page 1, you will be drawn in, encouraged, equipped, and challenged to take action in passing on to your children a love for God’s Word. Robert writes with the insight of a man whose walk with God is rich, whose knowledge of Scripture is deep, and whose love for his children bleeds through on every page. You won’t find pretense, legalism, or formulas here. Robert’s humility and vulnerability reinforce at every turn the conviction that any regular guy can teach his children the Word of God in a way that is fun and actually sticks. This collection of gripping life stories, solid biblical truths, and practical applications will prepare you like never before to take on your role as the father and spiritual leader God designed you to be. I give this fine work my highest recommendation.” Phil Downer – founder and president of Discipleship Network of America, author of A Father’s Reward

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